Anthony A Davies Ltd addressed its impacts on the environment many years ago when working towards the Green Dragon Environmental standard. It has now achieved ISO14001 establishing an environmental management system which manages all its potential aspects and impacts upon the environment and reduces their impacts. Head Office At Anthony A Davies’s main office we have addressed our environmental impact by :-
  • Use of a biomass boiler
  • Use of electric car for pool use.
  • Use of LED lighting
  • Use of water reduction products
Joinery Workshops
  • Sourcing timber from Forestry stewardship certified forests ensuring that our supply of timber is sustainable
  • Use of Accoya timber which has a 50-year guarantee thus reducing the number of trees felled.
  • Use of water-based paints
  • Reuse of timber shavings into animal bedding
  • Use of offcuts to provide heat
  • Working with architects/ designers encouraging the type and size of materials reduce wastage.
  • Learning about new technologies and materials to ensure we can continue to improve our knowledge
Purchasing Policy
  • Use of local sub-contractors
  • Use of local suppliers
  • Purchasing of exactly the amount we need just in time preventing over ordering and damage of materials on site thus reducing re-ordering.
Site Reusing and recycling as much material as we can
  • Siting of skips to ensure no environmental impacts
  • Use of waste transfer stations which can recycle up to 80% of our waste
  • Van sharing
  • Use of crushers so hardcore can be recycled
  • Site waste management plans
  • COSHH Risk assessments ensuring less harmful products are used.
Products that we use
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Reed Bed filtration systems
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Solar Panels
  • Use of Building Research Establishment Environmental Method (BREEAM)